Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Your Comments: Thomas Healy

Name*:Thomas Healy
Message*:Archbishops praise the release of the Knox translation

Dear Editor,

We have just launched the Knox translation of the Bible.

The press release can be found here:


You may wish to add to any post on the Knox Bible that today the Archbishop of Canterbury and Archbishop of Westminster have both written to us praising the publication of the Knox Bible.

"Ronald Knox's translation of the Bible remains an exceptional achievement both of scholarship and of literary dedication. Again and again it successfully avoids conventional options and gives the scriptural text a fresh flavour, often with a brilliantly idiosyncratic turn of phrase. It most certainly deserves republication, study and use."

Archbishop Rowan Williams

"I am delighted at the republication of Mgr Ronald Knox's translation of the Bible. It was my father's favourite translation and I can remember the trouble he went to in order to replace a lost edition of the New Testament. Mgr Knox was a distinguished priest of the Diocese of Westminster and such a gifted preacher and giver of retreats. His memorable phrases are still quoted. He brought that same skill, together with considerable scholarship, to the immense task of Biblical translation. Many will welcome this new publication of his achievement."

Archbishop Vincent Nichols

With best wishes,


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